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Colton Ford is a Nashville-based song-writer and producer specializing in full-band music. His unusual production approach evolves tracks that are big, full, rich, and immediately recognizable.

A guitarist by trade, Ford grew up listening to classic rock and blues musicians such as Leslie West and Rory Gallagher. Greatly influenced by his teachers from the UNT Lab bands, his musical understanding was greatly aided by a jazz and fusion background from players such as Robben Ford.  In his teenage years, he was adopted into the Dallas blues scene, playing guitar for the old generation of blues and soul singers who shared his appreciation for music that emphasized simplicity, honesty, and appropriate taste.

Moving to Nashville, Ford found a love for production and composition, writing tracks that are solid and powerful, but hummable and delicate. His ability to write, record, and produce songs from top to bottom offers an advantage in the creation of unique, one-off purpose-made pieces, as well as the ability to weave tracks together, always keeping the end result in mind, from the first notes to the final Master.


Atticus Forbes

DrummerAtticus Forbes

Atticus Forbes came to Nashville from outside of Columbus, Ohio, looking to expand his unique style. What started out as a love for the sound of Carter Baeuford and jazz fusion drummers quickly propelled him to become expert in funk, trap, and pop drumming. His diverse upbringing and range make him a very valuable musical mind in the studio and reactive and creative in a live environment. His playing is explosive and lively while being melodic and intricate, which makes him in high demand for Nashville’s touring circuit.

Cole Edmonson

GuitaristCole Edmonson

Cole Edmonson was raised in Mooresville, North Carolina on the classic guitar sounds of players like Larry Carlton and David Gilmour. His playing is melodic and thoughtful, and he places an emphasis on discretion. His classic rock roots expanded into fusion and country, and his classic sensitives paired with his unusual technical ability to make him a player who is more than commanding in any style.

In addition to being a regular on Nashville’s live touring circuit and an in-town live guitarist, Cole’s innate production sensibilities have made room for him in some of Nashville’s finest recording studios. His passion for recording and producing pair with his guitar ability to make him an exceptionally versatile, creative musician and player.

Lucas Rennie

BassistLucas Rennie

Lucas Rennie was brought up in Pittsburg’s music scene and found himself playing constantly in several bands, needing to know everything from Beatles deep cuts to Metallica. While being primarily a stringed instrumentalist and singer, Lucas found himself in every position of these bands, developing a very clear sense of how a live band sounds from every part of the stage.

Besides being a well-versed multi-instrumentalist, Lucas is a true natural in audio engineering and production. Before he could even play, he was recording and remixing classic songs on a 4 track tape recorder. In doing this, he recognized the value of simplicity and authenticity in music, both its performance and production. These principles translated well for Lucas when he found himself totally comfortable behind legendary mixing consoles in studios on Nashville’s “Music Row”.

Adam Story

KeyboardAdam Story

Adam Story is a Tennessee local, growing up south of Nashville in Franklin. He has a passion for a wide range of musical styles, and can play to the essence of each one of them. Adam found at an early age that he has an unusual ability to comprehend complex parts in their totality, and he can recall classical sonatas as easily as the Motown classics he grew up on.

Story’s influences range from gospel to folk to modern hip hop, and he blends them all seamlessly and tastefully. There is nothing technically out of his reach, and his sense of so much music allows him to understand the heart of any song or show and add a positive flavor to instantly.

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